Water Soluble Dissolving T-Shirt Bags Bags
  • Water Soluble Dissolving T-Shirt Bags Bags
  • Water Soluble Dissolving T-Shirt Bags Bags

Water Soluble Dissolving T-Shirt Bags Bags

  • water soluble t-shirt bags (PVA) made with PVA+Starch specifically crafted to be used as water soluble carry out bags. Water soluble bags for the retail sector are marketed under the brand H2OK, for more information please click here.

  • The presence of starch in its formulation let the water soluble carry out bag be used under the rain or containing product with high condensation.

  • These soluble bags are an excellent option for those supermarkets, shopping centers, retail stores or convenience stores which are looking for an eco-friendly bag.

  • Water soluble bags completely dissolve in contact with hot water which made them an excellent option for replacing traditional plastics when fulfilling ERP programs.

PVA Water Soluble bags from your local supermarket and carry your groceries safely home. Once finished with its intended use, these bags can be either dissolved in hot water within 3-5 minutes leaving no chemicals or harmful material, or they can be disposed of through the regular garbage.

Once the bag reaches any body of water it will dissolve within 30-60 days. If it reaches a landfill, once the temperature reaches over 160 F, it will dissolve within 3-5 minutes. Landfills generally maintain high temperatures because the decomposition of food and other organic materials raises the temperature.

We can provide PVA Water Soluble Film to any t-shirt manufacturer of plastic bags. Any equipment can be easily adapted to use this PVA film.

Water Soluble raw material can be extruded in any plastic extrusion machine, which allows it to be scaled very quickly.

  • It was created as an effective way to help save our environment by using a breakthrough component that does not contain any harmful chemicals and is 100% dissolvable. It replaces traditional t-shirt supermarket bags, as well as Non Woven reusable bags.
  • These bags are meant to be used like any traditional bag, but when disposed of, instead of remaining on Earth for 100-500 years contaminating and poisoning our seas and wild life, they completely dissolve within 60-120 days once in contact with any body of water. Wild life can ingest its content without any problem since it does not contain any chemical
  • The material is adjusted during production to dissolve differently in various temperatures. If the bag touches room temperature water it will not be affected, unless the water stays on the material for a prolonged period of time. In order to expedite the dissolving process, the bag can be submerged in boiling water, usually 160-180 F. When placed in boiling water, the bag will dissolve in about 3-5 minutes.
  • water soluble film use excellent PVA as raw material and can be totally soluble in cold water.It can be completely dissolved in the water with/under temperature of 20°C within 2 minutes without any leavings such as draw-thread or gumming. The color of the cloth dissolved is the same with that before solution.