pva water soluble bag for fishing places

pva water soluble bag for fishing places

Water-soluble nesting bag can be used for nesting machine pva water-soluble bag in various fishing places

pva water-soluble bag, which can be used in a variety of fishing places

Its performance is more suitable for packaging contents. Among them, L0504 is the preferred water-soluble film for ordinary powder packaging, which can be made into water-soluble bags of various specifications.

[Description]: the raw material is water-soluble PVC film, which will melt and decompose immediately after entering the water. Bait can be loaded, carried on the hook, and the embarrassing fish in the water will be thrown out. The bag will melt. The hook is hidden in the bait pile, and the fish will come to eat the bait and inhale the hook.

[Features]: accurate nesting, integrated hooking and bait, wide range of bait, convenient introduction, cost saving, non-toxic and harmless, environmental protection guard.