Medical water-soluble laundry bag
  • Medical water-soluble laundry bag
  • Medical water-soluble laundry bag
  • Medical water-soluble laundry bag
  • Medical water-soluble laundry bag

Medical water-soluble laundry bag

Color (customizable): regular color: transparent (white), Red
Thickness (customizable): conventional thickness: 25micron
Water soluble temperature: low temperature (≥25℃)/medium temperature (≥45℃)/high temperature (≥65℃)
Main material: polyvinyl alcohol (PVA


660*840 * 25um, bearing 10kg
710*990 * 25um, bearing 13kg
914*990 * 25um, bearing 15kg

Water-soluble anti-infection medical fabric disposal bag-semi-water-soluble economic reinforced type is mainly used for infectious (excrement, blood, germs, etc.) 

articles in hospitals and nursing homes, for example: on the packaging of bedding, clothes and other articles used by patients. 

Water-soluble anti-infection medical fabric disposal bag-semi-water soluble economic reinforced type can minimize the risk of cross infection among medical staff, patients and pollutants. 

After the contamination is encapsulated, the contents are completely isolated from being transported to the whole process of cleaning, disinfection and drying.

so as to prevent medical staff from connecting and contacting with the contamination and effectively prevent the spread of germs. 

The inner bag of the disposal bag will completely dissolve during cleaning and disinfection.


PVA water soluble bag has unique physical property and biodegradability, After sealing up the disposal bags, the contents inside the bag do not expose to oustside environment during the whole process of conveying, washing, disinfection and drying. The water soluble bag can dissolve completely during washing and disinfection process without any polluting residual .

Water soluble laundry bags are an effective closed handling system in the medical industry where safety and high sanitary standards are vital to prevent the spread of infectious components. Handling is safer when the contaminated linen or clothing is isolated in a water soluble bag from the point of filling to the laundry machine or disposal point.


PVA bags can be made warm or hot water soluble to handle moist linen. The bags dissolve completely in the laundry, leaving no contaminated packaging waste. In addition, PVA bags are biodegradable and have odor barrier properties.

Water soluble biohazard bags can also be used for the safe transport of medical and scientific instruments until they can be sterilized. PVA water soluble laundry bags come pre-made and supplied in boxes with integrally attached pink soluble tie tapes.

1. Place the clothes into the water-soluble bag. When loading the clothes, please make sure to put the dry clothes into the water-soluble laundry bag first, and then put the wet clothes, or wrap the wet clothes with dry clothes and put them into the bag. This can prevent tearing the bottom of the bag due to extended contact with wet clothes under the action of gravity. Please do not put too much wet clothes into the water-soluble laundry bag at any time. Please keep in mind that the water-soluble laundry bag is very sensitive to moisture.

2. Use the attached strap to tie the mouth of the bag well to prevent the liquid (such as body fluid or blood) in the laundry bag from leaking out and contaminating the environment and the staff. Wind the strap 2-3 turns around the opening and tie a slip knot, because the knotting method will affect the water solubility of the water-soluble laundry bag.

3. When transporting the contaminated clothing inside or outside of the hospital, please package the water-soluble laundry bag containing the contaminants with another clean outer packaging bag. This can reduce the chance of exposing the contaminated clothing to the air due to puncture or tearing of the bag on the way to the laundry room.

4. Please place the tied water-soluble laundry bag in a stirring or drum washing machine. Please do not open the bag to sort clothes, as it is not appropriate to do so; the exposure of contaminated clothes to the air may cause cross-infection.

5. No matter the laundry bag is cold-water-soluble or hot-water-soluble, the cold-water-soluble strap can quickly dissolve during the first round of cold-water agitating laundry process, and the contained clothes can quickly contact water.

6. The clothes must be stirred in 65°C(175°F) water for at least 40 seconds before injecting detergents, alkali, or other cleaning chemicals into the washing machine. The whole washing process should be no less than 15 minutes. During the washing process, please make sure that the water temperature is at least 65°C(175°F) for a type E washing machine for no less than 10 minutes. (Please refer to the model of the laundry bag for the washing temperature.)